It’s been a little over 24 hours since the Denver Broncos claimed victory over the North Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50 with a score of 24-10, but the internet is still buzzing with all sorts of excitemnt. While die-hard football fans watched every pass, every catch, every touchdown, some of us were waiting for the Beyoncé concert with openers from Coldplay and Bruno Mars (ok, we know who actually headlined the show but come on). Aside from the Broncons taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy and Quarterback Peyton Manning adding a second Super Bowl ring to his collection, here are the real winners from Super Bowl 50.

Puppy Monkey Baby

In case you were busy going for your third helping of chicken wings and didn’t see what everyone was screaming about, it was probably Mountain Dew’s creepy/funny Puppy Monkey Baby commercial. Even though the video was posted days before Super Bowl 50, it’s not the same when you are watching it on the big screen. You don’t know whether to laugh or be creeped out or both, but the internet went nuts that #puppymonkeybaby became a trending topic. So if you’re still curious or want to see it again, here’s the full commecial.

“Hot Ref” Clete Blakeman

Super Bowl is such a visual spectacle that it’s kind of difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on. However, Super Bowl 50 had a secret weapon that had our eyes glued to the game with “Hot Ref” Clete Blakeman. The 51-year old lawyer and former backup quarterback at the University of Nebraska sent the internet into a frenzy with his tightly fitted referee uniform showing off his bulging biceps while making calls throughout the game. #Swoon

Lady Gaga

Oh, slay can you see. Lady Gaga ushered in Super Bowl 50 delivering an amazing performance of the National Anthem! She joins the ranks of other great Super Bowl “Star Spankled Banner” singers including queen Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, and Faith Hill. Gaga didn’t try to over sing the song or do too many runs and yet still made it her own. Great job girl! Your little monsters were proud of you!

Beyoncé and the Beyoncé Bounce

Beyoncé led an all-female group of dancers to an INCREDIBLE Super Bowl Halftime show performance to her new song “Formation” which she dropped with an accompanying music video the day prior. We won’t waste your time with why this performance was a Super Bowl winner. We’ll let her swag do the talking.

Beyoncé Bounce

We gasped when we thought Beyoncé almost fell during her Super Bowl “Formation” performance. But being a pro, she covered it up and the internet turned her bouncing blunder into a new meme. God bless Beyoncé. God bless America.

Believe In Love

Leave it to the haters who thought the NFL was promoting a gay agenda. But in reality, the Super Bowl Halftime show had a really important message that we should all “Believe In Love.”

We’re excited to see what Super Bowl 51 has to offer! Until next year!