American Terrorists

I came across an atrocity this weekend.  Conspirators are amongst us, flaunting themselves in front of our faces, and NOTHING is being done about it.  

Friends, our Jonathan has a hit out on his life, but nobody seems to care.  Well, I care, and I’m going to bring this to everyone’s attention, including the authorities.  Behold, the evidence.

I have questions.  The first one is, how did they mic this?  I don’t see lapels and there is so much movement, I don’t know if a boom could pick it up.  I need to know.  The second question is why would you post your plans on YouTube?  Cold busted, buddies.  I would walk through FIRE for my man, so if you think you’re getting away with this, well you’ve got another thing coming.  I’m filing a police report immediately.

Jonathan- First of all, you’re welcome.  Secondly, I’m leaving the day after tomorrow.  My flight takes off at 8 something in the morning.  LAX.  You should wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to run swiftly to the gate.  Just saying.