And Now We Wait

Hey everyone.  It’s time to play that game: Guess How Long It Takes For The United States Postal Service To Deliver A Letter.

So, I put the letter to Jonathan in the mail on Friday.  His production company is a 15 minute car ride from my place, even though I know that’s not how mail delivery works.  But wouldn’t it be grand if it did?  

Theoretically, JS’s office should have received my letter on Saturday.  My guess is there is nobody there on Saturday.  The point is this: The letter will not be touched by a Stamos employee until today, even if it’s in Monday mail.

But the equation is not over yet.  Does Jonathan go to the production office every day?  My guess is NO.  Is he even in town?  Will his employees open his mail?  And if they do (It’s illegal, but I’m cool with it.), will they call Jonathan immediately to alert him?

What I’m trying to say here is I’m giving Stamos and/or his camp a week to contact me.  If that doesn’t happen, I may have to do something drastic.  A hunger strike seems a bit dramatic, but I will do whatever it is I need to do.