Austin ROCKS!

Happy MLK Day.  I love these Monday holidays. The MLK Days, the President Days, etc.  I find it to be quite humane to celebrate people’s lives whilst skipping a Monday at work.  GENIUS!

Operation Let’s Do This is underway.  I schlepped myself all the way to Santa Monica on Friday to distribute flyers.  Instead of scouring the beach, I mixed champagne, rose, and vodka on a night out on the town, and paid dearly for it.  I left some flyers for my friends to distribute for me.  (You better do it gentlemen!  I mean, PLEASE!!!)  

No worries on this minor setback; however, because I have amazing friends scattered across the globe.

My dear friend, Ashlyn, put a flyer up in the production office of Sin City 2 in Austin, Texas. Check out the productivity.

Three tabs have been torn off and a fourth is about to go!  (However I do also feel that Ash is posing for dramatic effect.)  Perhaps printing this out on 3-holed paper was not the best decision since it eliminates a tab, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m sure all three people are transcribing their well-worded emails to me now.  And so we wait. Tick, tock, tick tock.