Liven up your Easter celebration with a dessert that both parents and children will love.  And it’s so easy, that even the amateur baker can do it. Start with your favorite cupcake recipe, then with a piping bag and star tip add peaks of vanilla frosting. Roll out and shape white gumdrops into bunny ears and finish with jelly bean eyes and nose. Check out the recipe from BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN.

Vanilla Frosting
Cupcake Mix and Paper Cups (any flavor)
Large white gumdrops
1 tube pink icing
1 tube black icing
Pink jelly beans

DIRECTIONS: Place canned vanilla frosting into a pastry bag fitted with a multiopening tip. Pipe frosting onto cupcakes. Sprinkle a work surface with sugar. Use a rolling pin to flatten large white gumdrops; cut or shape triangles to use for ears. Press ends of two gumdrop triangles into the frosting near top of each cupcake head; press into frosting to attach. Use purchased tube pink icing to pipe insides of ears. Use purchased tube black icing to pipe whiskers. Add a pink jelly bean nose. Pipe white icing for eyes (or use large white round candies); pipe a pupil onto each eye with black icing.


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