Caioti Pizza Café

Yes…. they serve free garlic knots and amazing pizza. In fact, they claim to be the inventor of the BBQ Chicken Pizza! But what they’re REALLY known for is “The Salad”. For years expectant and overdue mothers have flocked to Caioti for a magical labor-inducing salad. According to Caioti, the world famous dressing is a natural recipe made with pure olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, spices, herbs, seasonings and “love”.  

It has also acquired a following of serious foodies who appreciate its balance of flavors and versatility. Good luck figuring out all the mysterious, contraction-making ingredients. It’s rumored the owners require confidentiality agreements from the kitchen staff to keep the secret. While the salad hasn’t proven to work every time, it’s proven to be a tasty restaurant favorite.

You can also buy the magical dressing online.

Caioti Pizza Café

4346 Tujunga Ave

Studio City 91604

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