Normally we like to introduce you guys to an up and coming artist or band in our Thirsty Thursday post. However, we have a special treat for you all. This week we are raising our glasses to the French record label, Public Different. They pledge to continue to “exemplify the core ethos of independent music culture: finding great acts first, helping them produce quality records, and nurturing them towards sustainable careers.” With that POV, we wanted to hear more! Luckily, we had were able to get a quick chat with the label recently and asked them some hard hitting questions.

How did you guys come up with the name of your record label?
It was tough to stumble into good name to distinguish us from other record labels. We were turning around the concept “being different” from masses, from routine and came up with “Public Different”.

How do you choose artists or bands to represent your label?
For us there are only two kinds of music: good and bad. We‘re trying to put out all the goodies. We have “Roxy Paris”, which is quit new pop but we have also “Conductive 9”, more jazzy style. If there’s a red line into selecting bands, it’s the quality.

Would you consider yourself similar to the French record label Kitsuné?
We would position ourselves more like RecordMakers. Are they not more underground all the way? There was really a need for an indie label where every genre can be featured, without being awkward. So that’s we came into action and created Public Different.

We featured “Superstar” from SWAG! in yesterday’s Hump Day Mix. What exciting new things can we expect from him?
For now we are concentrated on the upcoming video for the “Superstar”. Julien C(DJ and mastermind from SWAG) brought us some smashing demos. Sure floor fillers. But 1st things 1st. Some “Superstar” remixes and get 1 000 000 views asap with this smashing video!

What’s the best way to get artists/bands to submit their work to you for consideration?
Public Different was founded by musicians signed previously with major label and from other side – marketing professional, meaning we know how to record good music and most importantly how to promote it. Signing with us can greatly help with promotion, helping artists focus on music, while letting the professionals handle the marketing and management. All that you will need is to be yourself, be creative, follow no format but your own format. And the most important but most – stay different, Public Different!

Good luck to all the artists and bands on Public Different. Merci beaucoup to our new amis for a great interview. We can’t wait to see the “Superstar” music video from SWAG!

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