Flashback Friday!

I find it to be a bit exciting that my first Parisian post is a Flashback Friday.  I have some disappointing news, however.  Jonathan DID NOT show up at LAX to stop me.  He also did not meet me in Houston for the layover.  There have been no messages, Twitter following, and anything else for that matter.  I guess he just feels I must do this alone and doesn’t want to ruin it for me.  This I can respect.

But enough about that.  Let’s FLASHBACK.  Today’s theme is RED.  (It’s getting difficult to make up themes.)


I like a pop of color on a man.  Youth is so fleeting.  Look at the sheen on that coat of hair.  I do prefer JS as he ages, but he is so pretty as a youngin’.  Why don’t boys have beauty pageants?  Jonathan would surely win.


I’d first like to apologize to my friend, Karen.  This is her second time in a flashback.  Sorry girl, but we have too many priceless photos together.  

I recall us over teasing our hair as a joke, but everything else is real.  I wore that “shirt” out in public.  And yes, those are matching white plastic earrings.  I mean, COME ON!  And why does my stomach look like a hairless gorilla?  

OK everyone.  It’s 9:15pm in The City of lights and this is what it looks like outside:


I don’t know why it’s sideways, and I can’t fix it, but it’s broad daylight, and that’s the point.