Flashback Friday!

Man, time sure does fly when you’re in Paris.  I feel like the last Flashback Friday was just yesterday.

It’s raining cats and dogs in Paris right now, which is a shame since I’m venturing out in a couple of hours.  But being a Texas girl living in LA, I sure do miss the thunder, and it’s coming down hard and loud right now.

Today’s flashback theme is Let’s Get Serious.  No point in wasting any time.


Why so sad, beautiful?  You can pout as mush as your little heart desires.  You’re still the tops to me.  I see you have on a wedding band in this pic.  From what I’ve gathered, marriage sucks, so I can understand the melancholy.  You know what would cheer you up?  One of Shelby Stockton’s famous egg sandwiches.  I’ll be back in LA on July 23rd.

Now for some REAL pouting…


This is an organization at The University of Texas called the Texas Cowgirls.  It’s essentially a drinking club.  That’s all we did together.  I don’t even know if they still exist.  See how I’m holding my pinky finger?  I still do that to this very day.  It’s kind of funny because Texas A&M University calls UT students Tea Sippers because they think we’re rich.  I wasn’t.  But A&M peeps hold their pinkies out like that to make fun of us.  I guess I was born to be a Tea Sip.  I’m friends with most of those bitches to this very day.  I think it was some unspoken rule that Cowgirls didn’t smile in pictures, but I don’t remember.  Obviously, Ms. MaryJo didn’t get the memo (far right).

The rain has ceased for the time being, so I’m going to try to wrangle this hair into some kind of concoction before it starts up again.  Have an amazing weekend all.

I love you, Jonathan.