Flashback Friday! (And my last from Paris)

I can’t believe it’s my last Flashback Friday whilst in Paris.  What a trip.  It’s been filled with ebbs and flows, and now that it’s just about over, I’m beginning to feel nostalgic. Remember graduating from college and wanting to move on with your life, but also feeling sad that there would be no more Burgers and Beer with the Delts, or late night studying sessions with the girls, or singing dirty songs to the Texas Spurs so they would JUST PICK YOU to be their sweetheart? No? Just me?

OK, let’s get on with it.  Today’s theme: PAST RESPONSIBILIIES IN SHADES OF GREEN (We’re getting deperate for themes, Stamos.)

Remember this?


I always forget that JS was on ER.  He’s pretty handsome in this pic.  It’s when the matured Stamos was starting to bloom.  I love the way he’s posing for his hospital badge.  Rock that mug, baby.  There’s absolutely no reason you can’t be sexy in surgery.  

It seems you can’t take the cheerleader out of the girl, or take the girl out of the cheerleading outfit


Go Warriors!  I’ll have you know that that sweater was pure wool.  This helped on chilly nights, which are few and far between in Houston, Texas, but once you got your cheer on, look out.  The smell rivaled the boys’ locker room.  Yes, that’s a side half-hair up ponytail.  Yes, I used a scrunchie.  I say we bring it back, ladies.

It’s my last weekend here, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to tie one on to let Paris know that we Americans are BADASS.  Jonathan, I cannot promise to be true to you in the next few days, but that means you get a free pass as well.  I’ll be coming for you on Monday.