Flashback Friday, People!

This is our last Flashback Friday in the States for the next 4 weeks.  Isn’t that wild?  It’s probably just wild to me since I’m the one who’s actually changing my life completely for a month.  In a non-English speaking country, no less.

I’d like to address something before we get to the fun stuff.  This is information that the Regulars and Jonathan should know.  And of course, Michael Rapaport will be looking out for his bro as well.  Whilst in Paris, I will continue to send love letters to my man.  Yes, I am also blogging about my experience overseas, but that doesn’t mean that I will abandon Jonathan.  I am a Scorpio. We’re very loyal.  Until we hate you.

Drumroll please.  Today’s theme is GROWN-UPS WITH BABIES.


Because I am lame, the first thing I think is, “Is this Mary-Kate or Ashley?”  The second thing I think is, “Ugh.  Why with the necklace?”  The third thing I think is, “He sure does likes to hold babies.”  And the final thought is, “He is so much finer now.”  Stamos, I don’t know what youth nectar you’ve discovered that makes you HOTTER every year, but if you invite me over for a shot of it, I’ll make you my famous egg sandwich.  It’s a good deal.  Take it.

I had to minipulate the theme to get this pic in for myself because it relates to my mission in Paris.


That’s my grandma and me in my old house on Neff Street in Houston, Texas.  Check out the couch!  And look at the ashtray with all of those cigarette butts in them.  Disgusting.  If you look closely, those are Marlboro Reds on the coffee table.  My parents were HARD CORE.  I remember everything about this house as I lived there until I was a teenager.  As you can see, cheerleading was always a part of my life.  My dad went to Oklahoma University, so that cheerleading uniform was made especially for me.  I became a turncoat and eventually attended The University of Texas.  If you know anything about college football, you know that Oklahoma and Texas are bitter rivals.  Family drama!

On a side note, don’t you think I look like that little girl from Fatal Attraction?


And that’s our Flashback Friday for today.  The next time we flashback, I’ll be 6, 7, 8, or 9 hours ahead of you guys.