Flashback Friday!

I’m adding a new element to the blog, and it is entitled Flashback Friday.  (As the title hints.)  

What is Flashback Friday, you may ask?  Friday will now be the day that I post a retro picture of my Jonathan and a vintage pic of myself.  

I think everyone will agree that JS and I could have been brother and sister.  Our Mediterranean skin glowing with youth, chocolate locks feathered to perfection, our young lithe bodies able to contort in any fashion imaginable.  All right, now I’m just being gross.



Look at this cute thing!  So young.  So full of life!  Those eyes have yet to see the atrocities that Hollywood can conjure up.  

The weird thing about the 80s (Please let this picture be from the 80s) is that men and women wore the same stuff.  I’m pretty sure I had that sweater, that necklace, and I’m positive I sported  that haircut.  Oh sweet androgony.  You’re fun in small doses.

Now let’s do a retro of moi.







Speaking of androgyny, this is me (in the 80s) modeling my father’s clothes.  Yes, the Old Fart hat is a nice touch, but I’m a bigger fan of the ill-fitted shoes.  If you look close enough, you can also see that I did, in fact, have the same haircut as my Jonathan.  More proof that we’re meant to meet.

Happy Friday everyone.  You could die tomorrow, so LIVE IT UP!