Happy 2014.  It’s official.  This blog is never going to end.

Let’s get right to the gossip.  So it’s Friday. I’m substitute teaching a 7th grade history class and we’re learning about slave vs. free states.  Really uplifting stuff.


I get an email from the boss here at SugarBang.  He writes, “he saw your flier on twitter. read his status responding to it….”

Seriously, here’s the thread.

I’m twitter dumb-as-hell, so although I tweeted back, it’s not in the thread because I don’t understand such things.  I did tweet that he should meet me already and that I’d love a link to his Craig’s List ad.

So here’s the thing.  Stamos responds to @melaniejade_ and not me????  I’m the one doing all of the work! He hates me, y’all.  He downright hates me.

PS- I was supposed to write this post Friday, but my substitute teacher duties became too overwhelming.