Hello, My Love

The act of renewing my vows has paid off, ladies and gentlemen.  Good news.  Good news, indeed.  Gather ’round the hearth, and let me fill you in.

Many moons ago, I attended The University of Texas at Austin.  My freshman year, I pledged the Delta chapter of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority.  We were a rag-tag bunch.  Good girls, good grades, and I was called into standards more than once for smoking at a party.  Yeah, I’m crazy like that.

There, I met one of my besties, Jane.  Jane and I were partners in comedy crime.  She could play the guitar, and nothing embarrassed me, so as you can imagine, we were dangerous.

Jane has since moved on.  She is a mother, a wife, and an Atlantan.  The funny thing about Atlanta is that John Stamos is shooting something there AS WE SPEAK.

Jane’s adorable husband, Phillip, works with a guy that has a thing… I don’t know the connection exactly, but JS is filming in this guy’s building (or Phillip’s building – I DON’T KNOW!) and one of the producers said he’d show the blog to my Jonathan!  Oh my God, you guys, what do I do?  Should I post something that will get his motor running?  But what?

I know!  Dudes love naked pics of girls.  I post a naked part of my body.  Nothing but skin.  Here’s a picture of my naked back:


I don’t want to brag, but this picture was taken in Paris.  Sorry Kathleen and Brian, but I had to cut y’all out. This is about me.  Per usual. 

Meet me Jonathan!  It’s destined to happen.  I’ll buy you a drink.

Thank you Jane and Phillip.  LYLAS