In Good Times and In Bad

It’s difficult to sustain an imaginary long distance relationship.  Yes, I’m back from Europe, but Jonathan is still in New York. When things slow down in a relationship, I have a nasty habit of checking out.  It’s one of those life vices I hope to rectify before I die.

But when times are tough, one does not want to bow out too easily.  Some of you may or may not recall that JS is currently in The Best Man on Broadway.  This is impressive, and I’m sure Jonathan is amazing in it.  However, it’s a sad time for the production.  The author, Gore Vidal, has recently passed away.

Wouldn’t it be weird to be in a play and have the author pass during your stint?  Is it a bad luck or an opportunity for an homage?  

I won’t leave you during this trying time, Jonathan.  We’ll get through this together.