In Search Of: New Judges for Project Runway re: Mondo

project runway finaleYep, Mondo lost. Michael and Nina are totally insane.

I don’t plan on wearing weird granny panties under a sheer skirt anytime soon, Gretchen, even though it’s not your fault you won. I’m sure you’ll use your money well since you’re broke and newly single since your man dumped you while you were away shooting. (That does suck.)  Mondo will surely find success as the #2, like Santino and Austin and a bunch of other folks who turned their non-winner 15 minutes into a half hour of fame. And the only person whose clothes I’d wear from Project Runway was Laura Bennett, and she didn’t even come in second–I think she’s mostly writing now and raising her 15 million (okay 6) children instead of making clothes. Too bad for me. Christian Siriano is the only true high-end designer this show has ever produced, and he’d have made it with or without an appearance on PR. Thank goodness he was featured while the show was still on Bravo.

I just have no words. The villain won a second time on Lifetime. First Meana Irina, now Gretchen. Last season’s Seth Aaron was a nice, straight guy who made wacky clothes. And maybe since the show airs on a ladies network, a gay man can’t win.

My one consolation: at least it wasn’t Ivy.

In any case, I expect Tim Gunn is appalled. I am too.

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