With parts of the country starting to thaw out and summer just around the corner, it’s time to start talking KEY LIME PIE! We found this gem on Good Morning America from the Key West Key Lime Pie Co. Check it out and ENJOY!


For the Graham Crust:
6 oz of graham cracker
2 oz brown sugar, light or dark your choice. (Dark has more molasses)
Dash of cinnamon
6 tbsp melted unsalted butter
Small Pinch of salt


For the Filling:
28 oz of sweetened condensed milk/ 2-14oz cans
1 cup whipped cream + 1 cup for topping set aside
4 oz 100% Key Lime juice, never use a blend.
Zest of one Key Lime


Mix all ingredients for the Graham Crust until blended.
In a non greased 9″ pie pan evenly spread crumbs until bottom and sides are covered.


Refrigerate for 15 minutes to help set up.
For the filling, blend milk and whipped cream until smooth. (Note: Mixing on a higher speed will help with the fluffiness. Not too high or you’ll get filling on you!)
On low speed, slowly add Key Lime juice until all incorporated. Stop mixing.


Pour filling in your chilled crust.
Return to fridge for overnight cooling to help pie set up firm.
Using last one cup of whipped cream, take a spoon and place dollops around the border. Sprinkle zest evenly around the pie. This will give it an added zing in each bite. Enjoy a Key West tradition!


Recipe courtesy Key West Key Lime Pie Co.