Let’s raise our glass to this week’s Thirsty Thursday artist, Agnes! She may be a new name to mainstream America but in the dance world, she is a star. Her career took off when she was 17 when she became the winner of Pop Idol, a huge Swedish singing competition similar to American Idol. After she was introduced to songwriter/producer Anders Hansson in 2008, his dance-flavored production gave her the much deserved international success. I even included her dance anthem “Release Me” on the Fall Into Winter 2009 Mix. Her new single, “One Last Time” (featured in yesterday’s Hump Day Mix) is now out in Sweden but thankfully we have an accompanying video to go with it. The song is a bit of a dance departure for her but definitely worth a listen. The slow tempo track is an incredibly heartfelt song about being with someone you love one last time. She has the Leona Lewis look but with a more dancy Florence and the Machine sound. Think of her as Robyn (also Swedish) meets Florence and the Machine (thanks Sam for that blend). I can totally see So You Think You Can Dance doing a contemporary piece to this song. Be sure to check her out. You’ll hop on the Agnes train soon enough!

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