Welcome back my Internet explorers!! To reward you for all your hard work this week, I’m bringing you only the BEST in this week’s LOLs.   Have fun and remember my friends, the Internet is real….






Best “Carl the IKEA Monkey”

In case you missed it. Some guy in Canada decided to bring his pet monkey to IKEA to go on a shopping spree. Carl the monkey put on this fancy coat but somehow got lost in this big super store. The picture of Carl went viral and from the many different posts created, this is definitely my favorite.Best “You Don’t Say” Post

Next thing you know, Wayne Hansen is going to be telling us 2+2=4. Maybe next time he’ll rethink his headline to be a less, well duh…..Best “I See What You Did There” Post

What better way to write letterz n shit then with the new Microsoft Word, yo. I wish my computer programs were this cool.Best “Yearbook Photo” Post

Wow… either this is a really creepy joke this kid pulled off or the photographer is literally the stupidest person in the world.Best “ Hunky Christmas Card” Post

There are so many amazing things about this picture I don’t even know where to start. From this guy’s fuzzy earmuffs all the way down to his fake stuff cat… all I can say is meeowBest “Awwww” Post

Awww x 100,000,000,000= this pictureBest “Pants At A Time Like This” Post

As much as I love Mario Lopez, not sure I would deck the halls with his butt. I’m sure when his kid grows up she will look back at this picture with fond holiday memories and also realize why she has a thing for guys in Speedos.Best “ Double Take” Post

For a second there, I thought this dog had something severely wrong with it…Best “Fail” Post

Got 100% right on the brands and 0% right on the plants…personal fail…but come on, can you?Best “Sassy” Post

Give me a break and break me off a piece of this sassy post.Best “Success” Post

I don’t care what a cookie looks like…I’ll still eat it.Best “End Of The World” Post

I can’t wait until December 22nd so I can laugh at all these stupid people who thought it was going to be the end of the world. HAHAAHAAAHAAA (that’s my evil laugh in cause that wasn’t obvious)Did I miss something?  Add your best LOLs from the week in the comments below and be sure to check back next Friday for even more LOLs!!

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