London Calling

It’s been almost 2 weeks in Paris, and not a peep from my beloved. When I was in LA, this seemed almost like a little game Jonathan and I had going.  Now that I’m alone in The City of Lights, it just seems downright rude.

Then I stumbled upon this article, and it made me fall in love with JS again.

I totally get where you’re coming from, Stamos.  I too have been described as “unattainable.”  I kind of have a leg up on you; however, because I have never been married.  I’m trying to set a world record.

So here’s the deal, Stamos.  I’m off to London tomorrow for the remainder of the week, and I think you should meet me there.  It’s only a 7 hour plane ride from NYC.  Just pop an Ambien, and when you awake, I’ll be there with open arms.  Let’s be each others’ lobsters.