VENUE:  Staples Center Los Angeles

RUNNING TIME:  2 hours

THE GOOD:  Yes, she is greedy and immature.  And regardless if you like her or hate her, there is one thing that can’t be ignored; she always puts on a great show. In fact, after last night’s performance, I can tell you no one does it better.  I have seen five of her nine shows, and this one easily the best.

Coming off the highest rated Super Bowl halftime performance ever, Madonna hits the ground running with two hours of non-stop amazement.  More confident with her kewpie doll voice she knows that she no longer has to prove her impact on global music and she is free to be herself.  And she is better for it.

Sets, costumes and video imagery are all epic.  Kudos to all the people backstage who kept her hair and make-up flawless.  You never see her sweat or look disheveled despite all of the cardio activity that she does.  And that is a miracle in itself.

Her set is mostly new stuff with old hits mixes in through several video montages. I thought it was going to be her downfall, but her new material was actually very strong and appropriate.

Tributes to bullied gay teens who committed suicide and to a Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for wanting an education were heartfelt.  Freedom must never be taken for granted was her message.  And it was understood by all.

It was well worth the $500 I spent for my ticket and parking.

THE BAD:  I waited four and a half hours before she took the stage.

THE UGLY:  Never buy floor seats if you are vertically challenged.  Most people, who paid $400.00 for a seat, were struggling to see the stage.

MY SCORE:  *****