LIGHTS may have established herself as an electro-pop artist with emphasis in synth music. In her latest project, she strips down the production of her 2015 JUNO Award winning “Pop Album of the Year” album, Little Machines, to create an 8-track acoustic album called Midnight Machines. Speaking to People.com, here’s how LIGHTS describes the album.

“I wanted people to hear every word really clearly because I put a lot of emotional energy into each line. I also wanted to show the versatility of a song. An upbeat song, for example, means one thing, but when you hear it with really vibey, mellow ambience around it, suddenly the same words may mean something else. Music is so powerful that way: It dictates and soundtracks our moods. I just want to create something that can be there for everyone.”

Stand out tracks from Midnight Machines include “Meteorites” and my personal favorite “Up We Go.” The latter was actually the lead single off of Little Machines that had an accompanying music video. I wonder what the music video of the acoustic version of “Up We Go” would look like. The song has the “vibey, mellow ambience” quality as LIGHTS describes but the message of “preservering through difficult times” is even more impactful when stripped down. That’s what makes LIGHTS our MCM (Music Crush Monday) artist of the week. Check out Midnight Machines and let us know what you think!

Midnight Machines

Little Machines