My Brain Told Me So

Ya know, life is a funny thing.  It really is.  They say that we only use 10% of our brain (or 20%, depending on your research), but if we can train ourselves to use the rest of this mysterious organ, we could do amazing things.

Others argue that we do, in fact, use other recesses of the brain and this is how we predict things (like what’s playing on the radio), or when we get a “feeling” about someone (hormones).

Something in the depths of me, or my brain, told me that John Stamos and I would be lovely together.  So much so, that I have dedicated the last 3 months to this blog.  Today, my man has once again proven me right.  

Posted on JS’s Facebook page:


Presenting Don Rickles, ladies and gentlemen.  I don’t think this pic needs further explanation.  Mr. Rickles is a comedian.  I’m a comedienne.  He likes to wear red.  I love donning the color myself.  If that is creme brulee in front of him, then I just don’t know what to say people.  This is just getting scary.