Back in July, we had the great pleasure of interviewing the always candid Portland-based electro pop singer/songwriter, Logan Lynn. He’s been busy in the studio since then working on his latest album, Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks, which also happens to be out today! We pulled a little excerpt from our interview with Logan on what he said about his own album five months ago.

Your album Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks is dropping on 12/4/12. What can we expect from the album? Will there be more epic dance anthems similar to “Turn Me Out”?
Yeah, this one is a high energy pop banger start to finish, it seems.  My writing partner is David Appaloosa, who is also in a band called The Hugs, and he is this 22 year old partyboy who has been able to really tap into my inner 22 year old party boy in the studio.  It’s also Gino Mari’s production.  Dude’s a synthpop nerd genius.  With all three of us on the case the songs are coming out as this hybrid of our strengths and it’s been really exciting.

Well we can say for certain that Logan is a man of his word. Produced by Gino Mari and recorded and mixed at The Country Club studios in Portland, Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks features collaborations with Los Angeles electropop band Father Tiger, David Appaloosa from Portland indie boyband The Hugs, Spencer Lee Carroll from DJ duo LackLustre, The Gentry, Rowan Wren, Noah Daniel Wood, and more.

Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks makes a permanent imprint in high energy pop banger music. The first track, also the name of the album, kicks you right into high gear from the get go. While listening to this album, I picture Logan getting ready to go out wearing his Gucci high tops while his drag queen home-girl, Lotta Estrogyn, is lip-singing “i’ll be your dirty slut” without skipping a beat. Track 3, “The Ghost of Someone Else,” is probably my favorite track sonically and lyrically. It sounds like it could have been a Pet Shop Boys/New Order hybrid but with a 2012 two snaps and a twist. The album keeps a constant upbeat pace throughout. However, track 8, “Go Away, Come Closer,” takes on a slower club banger borderlining on what sounds like an underground house beat that is getting mainstream recognition. Logan closes TS&B on a serene note with a little bit of a bluesy religious undertone in “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.” Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this album from Logan. His writing is so unique with a “I might be a hot mess but at least I own it” perspective on love. We congratulate you on a great album buddy! Cheers!

Logan is giving SugarBang.com a FREE DOWNLOAD of my fav. track, The Ghost of Someone Else!

Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks - Logan Lynn