China defended their Olympic gold medal in men’s gymnastics team finals at the 2012 London Olympic games in the North Greenwich Village stadium on Monday, July 30. The victory didn’t start this easy as they looked shaky in prelims after finishing in sixth place behind Japan while Team USA surged into first heading into Team Finals. However, the team finals results were drastically different. Team USA had a tough day counting several falls and mistakes from Sam Mikulak, Danell Leyva and John Orozco. Jake Dalton contributed with a good score on the Rings and stellar scores on his strong events, Floor and Vault. They rallied on Parallel Bars and 3-for-3 High Bar routines with a 15.2 from team captain Jonathan Horton. Unfortunately, Team USA was too far deep out of medal contention and finished in fifth.

Team China and Japan competed in the same rotation while duking it out one event after another. Both teams may have faltered in prelims but they came back ready to fight. Performances from Zou Kai, Chen Yibing, Zhe Feng, Guo Weiyang and Zhang Chenglong from the Chinese team kept them in gold medal contention against the Japanese team lead by Kohei Uchimura, Koji Yamamuro, Ryohei Kato, Yusuke Tanaka and Kazuhito Tanaka who performed like Sunday’s prelims never happened.

The men’s gymnastics team finals wouldn’t be complete without some sort of dramatic finish. China and Japan were in 1-2 heading into their last rotation on the pommel horse. China started the rotation first and hitting all of their routines. Japan followed up next and looked like it would be a close finish until Kohei Uchimura stumbled out of his dismount. It looked as if his arms just collapsed under him. At that point, Great Britain and Ukrained who were trailing Japan rejoiced thinking Kohei’s blunder would be enough for their teams to move ahead. In fact, for a good five minutes that’s what the score board said. But after a score discrepency from the Japanese team, judges changed Uchimura’s pommel horse score from 13.466 to 14.166. The 0.7 tenths difference made all the difference. Japan moves up to second place, Great Britain gets the bronze which knocks the Ukrainian team out of the medals. Great Britian had an incredible on Floor on their last rotation. Their scores kept them strong enough to hold off Team Ukraine. We’re so happy that  Great Britain lead by Daniel Purvis, Max Whitlock, Louis Smith, Kristian Thomas and Sam Oldham gets its first gymnastics Olympic medal since 1912 (that’s 100 years folks). That’s history in the making  right there. Even Prince William and Prince Harry came to watch these guys. That’s pretty cool. But at the same time we’re sad that Team Ukraine didn’t end up with a medal. What a dramatic finish indeed. Here are the final scores.


1. China (GOLD)- 275.997
2. Japan (SILVER)- 271.952
3. Great Britain (BRONZE)- 271.711
4. Ukraine- 271.526
5. USA- 269.952
6. Russia- 269.603
7. Germany- 268.019
8. France- 265.441