Morning all.  It’s a mild, sunny morn here in the City of Angels. There’s so much to do today.  I need to exercise, I have a writing assignment due on Thursday, I have yet to watch Orange is the New Black…  But none of that takes precedence over the real task at hand.  

I’m sure it’s not a HUGE surprise that my phone/email/social media did not blow up last night because Jonathan was dying to reach me before the deadline.  Silence.  Nothing.  Why does he push me this way?

So onto phase 2.  Here’s the deal.  I have a small army of people (2 people) who are using their contacts to get this show on the road.  This may take some time, yes.  I cannot rely solely on these connections, but that’s what is happening now.  As I wait, I feel one more letter to one of JS’s representatives will suffice.  For now.  I have a Hollywood insider counseling me on whom to write next, so unfortunately I don’t have a letter at this time.  Stay tuned.  This will go down tomorrow. Hopefully.  Until then, click here to enjoy some nostalgia.