It is no mystery that people come in and out of our lives.  When some people leave, you may have a feeling that you’ll cross paths again one day.  Others you think, “I’ll never see that person again.”

Never say never.

When I wrote 30Dates30Blogs, I went to Paris for the first time.  I fell smitten immediately.  

Whilst abroad, I met a fellow named Sammy.  He was one of my Parisian boyfriends.  This is a man that I never thought I’d see again.  He’s a Lebanese dude visiting Paris.  I’m an American doing the same.  When the trip is over, so is the romance.

Well, due to my impending jaunt to Paris (ticket purchased!), Sammy and I have reconnected.  Oh yeah.  We texted.  He’s in Dubai, naturally.  I don’t think our Parisian schedules will collide, but the moral of the story is, life is one wacky journey with crazy twists and turns.  The end of the tale doesn’t happen until you’re 6 feet under.

Jonathan, I want you to know this.  I’m leaving on June 27th.  I’m going to Paris.  I plan to have fun in Paris.  A lot of fun.  Will my love for you continue?  Yes, of course.  I’ll send love letters from France, but you need to know that I plan to have a romance or two of my own.  We’re not through.  Not until one of us is dead.  Or we meet, which is the preferable ending to this story.