Stamos Watch 2013

This waiting is unbearable.  It reminds me of middle school. As a proper Texan girl partially raised by her grandmother, I never asked a boy to go steady, but if I had, I bet the feeling was similar to this.  Which box will he check?  Yes or No? THIS IS SO UNFAIR!

I was speaking with my boss here at SugarBang about this never ending blog. He’s just as frustrated as I am about the lack of Stamos attention.  He came to one of my stand-up shows on Friday and said, “I swear I am about this close to calling his agent and saying, ‘She is legit.  Just squeeze her in between his 2:00 and his 2:15. She’ll come to him.  We just need a damn picture!'” We’re trying to avoid such behavior, but it may come to this.  He also said, “If he doesn’t answer this letter, we may have to turn this into a hate blog.”

There are pros and cons to this strategy.

1)  It will change the tone of the blog.  One can write I Love Yous for only so long.
2)  It will probably be funnier.  People love negative energy.
3)  It would be like flipping the bird for IGNORING ME!

1)  But I love him.
2)  I’m not one to burn bridges.  (Unless it’s with a crazy person.)
3)  Negative energy has a way of boomeranging back and hitting you in the face.

So, let’s keep the vibe positive for now.  The letter just got to the office yesterday, at the latest. Maybe the intern still needs to sift through it.  Maybe the office is huddled around it now, analyzing my handwriting. Maybe it’s being fingerprinted.  Do what you will with it, John Stamos’s production company, but know this: You have 6 more days to contact me before I…  Before I… Before I do something else.