THE BEER DIARIES: Golden Road Brewing Hefeweizen

Golden Road Brewing Hefeweizen ABV 4.6%
Reviewed by Nathaniel Morales
Golden Road Brewing is located across the 5 freeway from the Los Angeles Zoo, right off San Fernando Road. The brewery is a rapidly growing, up and coming craft brewery in Southern California and features an amazing restaurant on sight.
The restaurant has great eats for meat eaters and vegans alike, while simultaneously serving up some of their special beers and showcasing some great brews from other great craft breweries. Golden Road Brewing only distributes two beers currently. Their IPA named Point the Way IPA, and their Hefeweizen, that currently has no name.  When I tasted Golden Road Brewing’s Hefeweizen, I poured the brew from a 16oz can into a frosty mug although you can also drink this particular beer from a pint glass.
The appearance of the beer has a nice hazy, orange color with a nice bright white head that fades after a few minutes from being poured. The smell of the beer has an upfront taste of orange peel, strong aroma of wheat, and is finished by a faint yeast scent. The flavors are nicely balanced with up front wheat flavors, followed up with a nice mix of lemon and orange citrus flavors. The beer is then finished off with a subtle taste of a floral finish. Overall, this is a great representation of this style of beer.
You can start finding Golden Road Brewing canned beers at your local beer stores or you can go to the brewery to pick up cans and also get a growler fill of it. This is a perfect beer to accompany a fun evening of pizza and wings.