In October, VOGUE introduces the new book, Vogue: The Editor’s Eye. A compilation of photographs and stories from the VOGUE archive, celebrating the role of the magazine’s groundbreaking fashion editors. Documented are the changes in fashion, society, and America’s sense of style over the magazine’s 120 years.  Focusing on the exceptional work of eight legendary VOGUE fashion editors (Grace Coddington, Polly Mellen and Babs Simpson) who through collaboration with the world’s top photographers, (Annie Leibovitz , Richard Avedon, Irving Penn), designers, stylists and models, created a lasting and memorable mark on the industry and America’s fashion culture.
“The dramas and the headaches and the battles are all eclipsed by the thrill of that great collaborative moment when a perfect storm of editor, photographer, model, clothes, hairstylist and makeup artist, environment, and concept come together to create an image that captures the moment, and may—who knows?—even have a life after fashion.”