If you thought the Olympics was the only time to watch gymnastics, then you are missing out! It’s not everyday a gymnastics floor routine goes viral. But when you debut your floor routine for the first time in the season and especially at a home meet, you best come prepared. Sophina DeJesus proved that when you combine awesome tumbling with cool dance moves, you will earn a big score from the judges. Scoring a near perfect 10 (9.925), not only did she contribute to the Bruins edging out the Utes in a super close meet (197.100 – 197.075), she will undoubtedly go down in UCLA history for racking over 7 million views on the first day the video went live. Now that’s #BruinStrong. Sophina is no stranger to the lime light having been on the TV show, Hip Hop Harry, with her sister when she was little. But this was her moment to shine. So let’s break down 8 reasons why her routine became such a viral sensation.

The Gymnastics

Reason 1: She opens with a punch front double full twist

Reason 2: She sticks her Double Back Tuck second tumbling pass and everyone went nuts

Reason 3: She dismounts with a one and a half punch front layout right down to an immediate splits

The Dance

Every other gymnast can do the same tumbling passes as Sophina. But what sets her a part from everyone else is how she incorporated trendy dance moves that even if you’ve never seen her floor routine before, you still knew the dance and can even follow along with her.

Reason 4: Watch her whip

Reason 5: Watch her Nae Nae

Since Freshmen year, Sophina has incoporated the “Salute” in all of her routines on floor and beam. It’s no surprise that she has included that in this floor routine right at the end. She even threw in the quan before the salute for good measure.

Reason 6 and 7: The Quan and the Salute

If you watch this routine carefully, you’ll even see her doing the dab right after the salute. While you don’t see Sophina doing it specifically, the camera happens to pan over to her teammate Danusia Francis doing the dab.

Reason 8: The Dab

Can’t wait to watch Sophina’s routine again this weekend as UCLA (ranked 7 in the nation) goes head-to-head against Oregon State (ranked 16 in the nation).