Yo Face Fridays

Yo Face Fridays
By Amy Witry
I always have something to say and YO FACE FRIDAYS is a shout out to some of the week’s headline makers.  If your name is in bold I’m talking to you. Introducing YO FACE FRIDAYs. Enjoy!
1. Brett Favre: Stop talking.  It’s embarrassing to be the retired dude talking shit about the guy holding the Lombardi.  PS–you wear crocs and your dick isn’t huge.  Check yo self.
2. Chad Henne:  Good call-get that shoulder fixed cuz there is no chance of fixing things in Miami. Lo Siento.
3. Curtis Painter:  Does anyone else tell you that you look like a Fanning sister?  
4. Hank Williams Jr.:  Perhaps you can use your new found downtime to shower and groom yourself.
5. Scott Fujita:  Congrats on meeting your biggest fan this week.  Enjoy your bye.  Thanks again for SBXLIV.